Cold Emailing the Right Way

Cold emailing for others is plain dead, but for other who have good strategies have proven that it is still working. There are reasons why the classic cold mailing doesn’t simply work. Here are some of the common mistakes done by email marketers.

The first one is your copy. Your email copy is too general that it was abused by billions of people. If you were on the shoe of that person that you are trying to send cold emails. There’s a high chance that you will also not open the mail, worse case you will mark it as spam. To solve that problem, you need to personalize your email, and expect to see some positive results. You can always look for more personalize email templates in the internet, just be sure to add your personal touch. A smart marketer will not settle using the old fashion way, by continuously experimenting you might be able to find those precious cold email templates that will work like a charm.

The second most common problem that you will encounter doing cold emailing is the lack of response, lower conversion rates, and emails that are not opened at all. The best possible solution that you can do to is to send consistent follow-ups like 4 days for the 1st follow up if your email is still not opened and additional 2 days more for a second follow-up.  Again, if you are a smart marketer, by analyzing the whole cold emailing process that you are doing. You can see and understand which areas that needs to be improve, or try to change one by one. From the number of list or maybe your audience is not really interested on what you are offering. You can also try different email variations from different email headers, introduction, and body. From that you can see which is really the reason why you don’t get response at all.

The next time you encounter an article about saying cold emailing is dead, kindly redirect them to this article or you can directly pass these information to them and explain it in detailed.

The Future of Cloud Technology

If you are planning to start an online business, you would want to read more about cloud based technologies and see its awesome benefits.

Cloud-based is a term where in services, applications, hosting, and storage are available to users for access via internet.

One good example is Dropbox, a cloud-based storage and at the same time back-up service that you can use to protect your files and important data online, yes, I’m sure you going to say why back-up online the fact that hackers can steal that information? Well to justify my statement are you sure that your physical hard drive can keep your file forever? A sudden power outage can kill that drive in an instant FYI. So basically, that’s one of the good example.

There’s also cloud hosting or cloud servers for those looking a good place for their websites. The good site about cloud server is the ability to handle loads from different users, and blazing fast loading time for your site because of the optimized resources compared using a traditional set-up.

Last but not the least are cloud-based apps services which is also known as software as a service (SAAS), these are various apps made for email marketing, graphics editing, video editing, social media management, which are all can be access using your browser without the need for installation to your desktop computer.

Those are just few of the many cloud-based systems that I can think of but I’m sure there are more that I haven’t covered. If you know some other technology that used cloud to operate kindly send an email or comment down below and I’ll make sure to add it to the list. I will also update this post and try to cite companies for each category, e.g., design, marketing, back-ups etc.

Common Administrative Tasks for Your Virtual Assistant

Looking for a list of tasks that you can outsource to your personal assistant? Then continue reading this article. Take note, what you will be seeing on this article are only basic tasks, not so tech savvy work that doesn’t necessary required a high level of expertise.

Email Management

Do you receive hundreds of important emails every day? If yes, I’m sure you also find it very hard to manage all these emails by yourself. Handling these specific tasks to your personal assistant to ensure that every email was read and replied is the best option you got. You will not have missed any important email from your business partners, clients, and other important emails you have subscribed.


Need to complete some research papers, but you have no time to do this as you are also busy closing sales for a client. Then finding a versatile virtual assistant with good research skills in Google is the answer to that problem.

Content Writing and Proofreading

Need some articles publish to your website or blog? Then you might want to check if your VA had awesome writing skills that you can capitalize. Most of the time good researchers and writers are the best tandem, but there are also individuals that can do both with ease.

Data Mining

You got a list of leads that you want to recheck whether the contact information and business name is up and running? Then you can pass this to your PA, while you enjoy your vacation. Be sure to give some tips, specially for those first timers. Some research skills and techniques to make sure that they can get the right info that you need.

Speech to Text Transcription

Voice to text transcription is one of the most popular tasks for virtual assistants. Basically, you just need to send an HD quality video so that they properly understand the audio to avoid transcription errors during the process.  There are also who create subtitles for educational videos to make the learning process for the viewer much easier.

Organize Meetings

To make sure that you can follow your diary or schedule, having an assistant who will organize and keep track of all your appointments and meetings with clients and partners. Problem solved!

Data Entry

The most common and easiest tasks that a virtual assistant can do for his employer is the data entry service. Basically, an individual with few years of experienced with word editors and spreadsheets can accomplish this job easily.

These are the most popular administrative tasks that you can outsource online to a virtual assistant online. Want to share what you outsource to a freelancer? Aside from what I’ve mentioned above. Kindly share them via email. Please only email the tasks that a virtual assistant that could accomplish as there are different types of VA’s that require a higher level of technical skills such as designing, digital marketing, and sales.

Improve Your Business Workflow by Using Productivity Tools

With the advancement of technology, day to day activities in our lives can become much easier if we only know how to find these awesome “life hack” or “productivity hack” that other people call it. You can find bunch of this that will improve your productivity, either for personal use or for business.

The use of automation and productivity tools or applications that you can use using your computer or smartphone can save you several hours instead of doing it manually. The time that you can save can be used on other projects that required a great amount of time. One great example if you are into marketing would be scheduling social media post to your social networking sites. If you want your brand to become popular, you need to spend time spreading valuable information about your business either via Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The problem is you can’t spend the whole day just using for that tasks alone, as you still other work that needs to be done to make sure you reach your target/goals for the day. That’s just an example of what this article all about.

Let’s always find ways how we can make our life easier, that’s the reason why app developers and programmers make those products, to make use of. Yes, they cost a few hundreds of dollars but the amount of stress, effort, time that you can save means a lot.

Imagine operating your own business in full automation, you can spend your precious time with your child, take the vacation that you ever wanted without worrying whether your business runs smooth or it is down by the time you are away? Those are just few of the scenarios you can appreciate these things.

Want to share your awesome life or productivity hack? It can be any, from the tools or apps that you are using, music or audio meditation to improve your workflow, or personal tricks you might want to share are always welcome in this blog.

Keep Them Involved

There are several reasons for businesses to work on sustaining a high level of engagement from employees. It serves a vital role in keeping staff turnover low, improving productivity, keeping clients happy and increase profit. More significantly, it keeps employees happy and inspired. Engaged employees will have more motivation. They will be more zealous and enthusiastic about their jobs. Additionally, highly involved employees are less likely to resign and look for another company.

In other countries, the impact of detachment and disengagement costs $33 billion. The significance of keeping employees engaged cannot be overstated. Disengaged employees can damagingly impact your company. You can’t afford to lose people especially since discovering the right talent is tough during these times. It’s important to note that 75% of employee turnover is preventable. This is where employee engagement comes in.

Harmonise the Relationship

Absorbing your team to your culture is significant in keeping them involved. Therefore, we extremely encourage clients to fly out their team members to their local site. At the same time, clients should also plan visits to the Philippines to spend time with their remote team.

You may try out several strategies and engagement tools to safeguard your team stays passionate, dedicated, committed and most importantly, motivated. But regardless of the techniques you utilise, having an honest sense of concern for your employees may still be the most real and effective way to encourage employee engagement.

Have Clear Communication Design

Effective communication plays a key role in keeping everyone committed. This will improve efficiency and promise team members to have a harmonious working relationship.

Here are some tips on creating rich communication rhythms:

  • Gather up for a huddle – This is the time where the team shares about the previous day’s challenges and achievements, and the day’s existing goals. This is significant for determining areas for improvements that are deterring the team’s progress.
  • Give ang get feedback – Feedback is crucial in monitoring your development as a team. Accurate, honest feedback will help classify things that can be improved.
  • Regular Talks – Continuous communication can increase team morale which results to more confidence. This technique will make them become more comfortable and at ease.
  • Include them in meetings – Inclusivity is a vital factor in employee engagement. When you include them in meetings, you are giving the impression that their opinions matter and that they are valued.

Offer Opportunities for Career Growth

Employees want to know if they have the chance to advance in their career. Nothing persuades them more than the knowledge that their hard work and efforts will pay off in the future. Put in mind that even involved employees are still open to the idea of switching careers.

Shape your Team’s Confidence

Self-assured employees will always deliver. In the case of your outsource team, take note that Filipinos have the tendency to be cautious compared to other cultures. While they’re highly proficient, there are times when their innate bashfulness can get in the way of being awesome and bringing the wow factor.

Help build their confidence with the following tips:

Let them be heard

The feeling of being recognised and valued boosts our confidence as an individual, may it be personal or work-related. Ask your employees to share their insights; listen to what they have to say during huddles. Push the best in them by encouraging them to give feedbacks, advice and proposals.

Maintain Pep Talks

Enhance their confidence with words of inspiration; small talks and telling them how they did well, are simple yet effective way in boosting their morale.

Allow them to Shine

Let your team excel and be known at things they are best at.

Value exceptional work and give rewards

A job well done deserves appreciation so ensure the team members who deliver extraordinarily are commended. This will definitely inspire them to do better and keep them motivated.

Be a good leader

Be an instrument of success. Assist them to get better and better every day. Pass on learnings, insights, share experiences and even failures to keep them grounded and determined.

Outsourcing Globally

Outsourcing is the term used to define the collaboration between two companies, usually from different countries, where one is the provider of services or processes on the other’s behalf. This model has been developing for the last 35 years and went through many modifications. In time, few types of outsourcing has appeared, the most popular ones are offshore outsourcing and Nearshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is basically the teamwork between companies from distant countries while Nearshore outsourcing, it is much likely to be the same to the above-mentioned however, you cooperate with neighbouring countries or cities with similar time zone which allows more frequent visits and easier contact.

Offshoring is a distribution of specific business processes to an external specialist service provider. Most of the times, a business owner cannot handle all facets of a business process internally. Additionally, some processes are not permanent, and the organization does not aim to hire in-house professionals to accomplish the tasks.

Once the task is offshored to the service provider, he will take the accountability of carrying out the tasks and preserving the organization’s assets.

However, prior to outsourcing any section of your business to a third-party vendor, it is vital to understand the advantages of outsourcing. Although outsourcing presents a diversity of benefits to your business, it could also pose difficulties if not outsourced to the right service provider.

In these frantic times, being on top of things is a must-have if you want to keep your business afloat. However, not every company has the budget required to do it. How to combine cost-effectiveness with outstanding quality? Each company is diverse and needs different type of sustenance, but some aspects are permanently universal and rarely change.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  1. Cheap Recruitment and Reduced Operational Costs – Offshoring avoids the need to hire professionals in-house; hence, operational costs and recruitment can be minimalised to a higher extent. This is one of the major advantages of offshore outsourcing.
  2. Risk-sharing – One of the most critical factors shaping the result of a campaign is risk analysis. Offshoring certain components of your business process aids the organisation to swing certain responsibilities to the remote vendor. Since the outsourced team is highly-skilled, they strategize your risk-mitigating issues better.
  3. Focusing on core process – Offshoring the supporting processes gives the business more time to toughen their core priority. Plus, the trust and confidence that the other facets of the business are being well taken care by the professional remote team.
  4. Fleetness and Proficiency – Most of the times tasks are offshored to vendors who specialise in their field. The outsourced vendors also have equipment and technical expertise, most of the times better than the ones at the outsourcing organization. Efficiently, the tasks can be completed faster and with better quality output.

Furthermore, offshoring can offer much more than just the above-mentioned advantages. All to aid you make the most of your business’ budget and resources without hiring luxurious programmers to implement your ideas.

Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest

If you already tried looking for a business strategy, I’m sure you have seen this quote “Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest”. Well basically what it means that focus on your expertise and try to master it instead of working on a specific task that you are not really good at, why don’t just outsource this to someone else?

Outsourcing is a term used by small and business owners when they hire another people or company to do the work that they can’t complete or accomplish efficiently and effectively. Imagine if you are a programmer by profession and your boss try to ask you to create some graphics layout where in the first place this is not your forte and second you know deep inside that your designing skills is really bad.

If you are smart enough, I’m sure you will not accept this and will honestly tell your boss you can’t do it. Remember it is better to refuse or decline someone’s request that you are not comfortable doing it, if your boss is not familiar with outsourcing work, then I guess this Is the time where you try to explain the benefits and drawbacks.

Some obvious benefit is that when you pass this to someone else that works on this particular field or career, they can definitely do the job the way it should be. Second the time it would take to complete the project is much faster compared doing by yourself which can take a couple of days or weeks. Then lastly, you will see how much time and effort you have saved by taking this decision. Nowadays not just small to medium firms do this business strategy, even solo entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this brilliant idea and it turns out to be profitable on the long run.