Cold emailing for others is plain dead, but for other who have good strategies have proven that it is still working. There are reasons why the classic cold mailing doesn’t simply work. Here are some of the common mistakes done by email marketers.

The first one is your copy. Your email copy is too general that it was abused by billions of people. If you were on the shoe of that person that you are trying to send cold emails. There’s a high chance that you will also not open the mail, worse case you will mark it as spam. To solve that problem, you need to personalize your email, and expect to see some positive results. You can always look for more personalize email templates in the internet, just be sure to add your personal touch. A smart marketer will not settle using the old fashion way, by continuously experimenting you might be able to find those precious cold email templates that will work like a charm.

The second most common problem that you will encounter doing cold emailing is the lack of response, lower conversion rates, and emails that are not opened at all. The best possible solution that you can do to is to send consistent follow-ups like 4 days for the 1st follow up if your email is still not opened and additional 2 days more for a second follow-up.  Again, if you are a smart marketer, by analyzing the whole cold emailing process that you are doing. You can see and understand which areas that needs to be improve, or try to change one by one. From the number of list or maybe your audience is not really interested on what you are offering. You can also try different email variations from different email headers, introduction, and body. From that you can see which is really the reason why you don’t get response at all.

The next time you encounter an article about saying cold emailing is dead, kindly redirect them to this article or you can directly pass these information to them and explain it in detailed.