Looking for a list of tasks that you can outsource to your personal assistant? Then continue reading this article. Take note, what you will be seeing on this article are only basic tasks, not so tech savvy work that doesn’t necessary required a high level of expertise.

Email Management

Do you receive hundreds of important emails every day? If yes, I’m sure you also find it very hard to manage all these emails by yourself. Handling these specific tasks to your personal assistant to ensure that every email was read and replied is the best option you got. You will not have missed any important email from your business partners, clients, and other important emails you have subscribed.


Need to complete some research papers, but you have no time to do this as you are also busy closing sales for a client. Then finding a versatile virtual assistant with good research skills in Google is the answer to that problem.

Content Writing and Proofreading

Need some articles publish to your website or blog? Then you might want to check if your VA had awesome writing skills that you can capitalize. Most of the time good researchers and writers are the best tandem, but there are also individuals that can do both with ease.

Data Mining

You got a list of leads that you want to recheck whether the contact information and business name is up and running? Then you can pass this to your PA, while you enjoy your vacation. Be sure to give some tips, specially for those first timers. Some research skills and techniques to make sure that they can get the right info that you need.

Speech to Text Transcription

Voice to text transcription is one of the most popular tasks for virtual assistants. Basically, you just need to send an HD quality video so that they properly understand the audio to avoid transcription errors during the process.  There are also who create subtitles for educational videos to make the learning process for the viewer much easier.

Organize Meetings

To make sure that you can follow your diary or schedule, having an assistant who will organize and keep track of all your appointments and meetings with clients and partners. Problem solved!

Data Entry

The most common and easiest tasks that a virtual assistant can do for his employer is the data entry service. Basically, an individual with few years of experienced with word editors and spreadsheets can accomplish this job easily.

These are the most popular administrative tasks that you can outsource online to a virtual assistant online. Want to share what you outsource to a freelancer? Aside from what I’ve mentioned above. Kindly share them via email. Please only email the tasks that a virtual assistant that could accomplish as there are different types of VA’s that require a higher level of technical skills such as designing, digital marketing, and sales.