If you already tried looking for a business strategy, I’m sure you have seen this quote “Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest”. Well basically what it means that focus on your expertise and try to master it instead of working on a specific task that you are not really good at, why don’t just outsource this to someone else?

Outsourcing is a term used by small and business owners when they hire another people or company to do the work that they can’t complete or accomplish efficiently and effectively. Imagine if you are a programmer by profession and your boss try to ask you to create some graphics layout where in the first place this is not your forte and second you know deep inside that your designing skills is really bad.

If you are smart enough, I’m sure you will not accept this and will honestly tell your boss you can’t do it. Remember it is better to refuse or decline someone’s request that you are not comfortable doing it, if your boss is not familiar with outsourcing work, then I guess this Is the time where you try to explain the benefits and drawbacks.

Some obvious benefit is that when you pass this to someone else that works on this particular field or career, they can definitely do the job the way it should be. Second the time it would take to complete the project is much faster compared doing by yourself which can take a couple of days or weeks. Then lastly, you will see how much time and effort you have saved by taking this decision. Nowadays not just small to medium firms do this business strategy, even solo entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this brilliant idea and it turns out to be profitable on the long run.