Be a Good Example

Be a good example and a role model to your employees. You can show a good example by how you handle the situation or the problems that might arise. Show your team mates how strong and capable you are as a leader. Professionalism is one of the best example you want your team mates to get from you.

Understanding Team and Encouraging Good Relationships

As a Manager, you should understand your people and be encouraging them with their work. Not because they didn’t get the target you will be angry you should ask first what the problem and feel them that you are there to help them how they will get the target of their work.

Motivate People

The manager should know how to be motivating people when they don’t get their goals at work manager should talk about how the employees will get the targets. And when they feel down about their manager should talk about it.

Managing Discipline and dealing with conflict

When one of the employees had done the wrongs things like lying when they are absent at work.
A manager should talk about it and give the disciplinary action for the employees, so the other employees will know what will happen if they don’t do the right things at work.

Help Your Team Mates Grow and Develop

A great manager not just recognise and reward outstanding employees. They must help their employees grow and develop new sets of skills that they can use or benefit on their career overall. I’m sure they will come a time that you will something special in your employee where you think they might excel even more. This is the best time for every employees to develop new skills that they can use on their career. In addition, not only employees should grow or develop but also managers.

Communication is Important

Communication is very important as a manager you need to make sure that you check your employees from time to time. Check how they are doing, if they can perform the task assign to them in an effective and efficient way. Ask them what kind of help you can provide and tell them that if there’s something that isn’t clear, just ask.

Create a Good Plan

A good manager plans well. There’s a saying if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Be sure to create a solid plan for your staffs and ask for their complete support so that you can execute the plan perfectly. The effectiveness and quality of those decisions determine how successful a manager will be.