After holiday seasons, employees are so relaxed and not that productive because their minds and bodies are still trying to adjust with the reality that work already started and they need to grind as they normally do.

Here’s what you can do to recondition your employees


The number one key is communication, how’s your communication with your employees?

Remind them about the importance of their task and how it could impact the company. By politely explaining these matters, it will help them understand what you expect what they need to do.


By offering rewards for most productive employees, this can be effective way to recondition staff that have hang over with the holidays. Give them a target and reward everyone who will be able to reach it on the said deadline.

Introduce new activities

Think about activities how you can make your employees happy and excited. Team building, outings, etc. are effective methods to motivate staff.

Show how much you appreciate your team

People normally loves being appreciated, so be sure to appreciate everyone in the company and tell them how valuable their contribution and hardwork that they do everyday.

Don’t forget a happy workplace can make a huge difference.