There are several reasons for businesses to work on sustaining a high level of engagement from employees. It serves a vital role in keeping staff turnover low, improving productivity, keeping clients happy and increase profit. More significantly, it keeps employees happy and inspired. Engaged employees will have more motivation. They will be more zealous and enthusiastic about their jobs. Additionally, highly involved employees are less likely to resign and look for another company.

In other countries, the impact of detachment and disengagement costs $33 billion. The significance of keeping employees engaged cannot be overstated. Disengaged employees can damagingly impact your company. You can’t afford to lose people especially since discovering the right talent is tough during these times. It’s important to note that 75% of employee turnover is preventable. This is where employee engagement comes in.

Harmonise the Relationship

Absorbing your team to your culture is significant in keeping them involved. Therefore, we extremely encourage clients to fly out their team members to their local site. At the same time, clients should also plan visits to the offshoring office to spend time with their remote team.

You may try out several strategies and engagement tools to safeguard your team stays passionate, dedicated, committed and most importantly, motivated. But regardless of the techniques you utilise, having an honest sense of concern for your employees may still be the most real and effective way to encourage employee engagement.

Have Clear Communication Design

Effective communication plays a key role in keeping everyone committed. This will improve efficiency and promise team members to have a harmonious working relationship.

Here are some tips on creating rich communication rhythms:

  • Gather up for a huddle – This is the time where the team shares about the previous day’s challenges and achievements, and the day’s existing goals. This is significant for determining areas for improvements that are deterring the team’s progress.
  • Give ang get feedback – Feedback is crucial in monitoring your development as a team. Accurate, honest feedback will help classify things that can be improved.
  • Regular Talks – Continuous communication can increase team morale which results to more confidence. This technique will make them become more comfortable and at ease.
  • Include them in meetings – Inclusivity is a vital factor in employee engagement. When you include them in meetings, you are giving the impression that their opinions matter and that they are valued.

Offer Opportunities for Career Growth

Employees want to know if they have the chance to advance in their career. Nothing persuades them more than the knowledge that their hard work and efforts will pay off in the future. Put in mind that even involved employees are still open to the idea of switching careers.

Shape your Team’s Confidence

Self-assured employees will always deliver. In the case of your outsource team, take note that Filipinos have the tendency to be cautious compared to other cultures. While they’re highly proficient, there are times when their innate bashfulness can get in the way of being awesome and bringing the wow factor.

Help build their confidence with the following tips:

Let them be heard

The feeling of being recognised and valued boosts our confidence as an individual, may it be personal or work-related. Ask your employees to share their insights; listen to what they have to say during huddles. Push the best in them by encouraging them to give feedbacks, advice and proposals.

Maintain Pep Talks

Enhance their confidence with words of inspiration; small talks and telling them how they did well, are simple yet effective way in boosting their morale.

Allow them to Shine

Let your team excel and be known at things they are best at.

Value exceptional work and give rewards

A job well done deserves appreciation so ensure the team members who deliver extraordinarily are commended. This will definitely inspire them to do better and keep them motivated.

Be a good leader

Be an instrument of success. Assist them to get better and better every day. Pass on learnings, insights, share experiences and even failures to keep them grounded and determined.